When Dubai temperatures hit 40+ degrees, you know what time it is! Time for that long awaited summer vacay whoop whopp…

Here’s a look at my top 10 men’s essentials when traveling light and in style. All you need to pack for your summer vacation.

Make it simplebut significant.

Don Draper

My list of Top Ten clothing items for summer:

Bag or luggage
• Leather duffle bag or rolling carry-on

• Plain t-shirts (preferably white)
• Polo shirts
• Oxford cloth button down shirt
• Navy blazer or jacket

• Navy chinos and khaki chinos
• Chino shorts and swim shorts

• Low top white sneakers
• Boat shoes or driving shoes (brown or navy)

• Brown leather belt

These ten men’s essentials should have you covered for both daytime and nighttime activities on your next short-term summer getaway.